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Joint Filler Injections
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Joint Filler


Joint Filler Therapy instantly relieves discomfort in people with painful bunions. Joint pain injection therapies are non-surgical alternatives created to work with the body’s biological processes, providing a natural lubricant into the joint. By injecting hyaluronic acid directly into affected areas, we are able to restore the lubricating and shock-absorbing properties of joint fluid, which are normally depleted.



Hyaluronic acid is a molecule found naturally throughout the human body. It is an important component of joint fluid which provides lubrication and cushioning for normal, healthy joints. When you have arthritis of a joint, the hyaluronic acid breaks down and becomes diluted, reducing its natural elastic properties, which can further degrade cartilage tissue and cause increased joint pain. Our Joint Filler Therapy has the same composition as the natural hyaluronic acid your body produces, to safely reduce joint pain and stiffness, while restoring the protective benefits of lubrication and shock absorption.



Joint Pain

Joint Stiffness / Decreased Range of Motion



Post-traumatic Arthritis

Degenerative Joint Disease


Rheumatoid arthritis



Our injection therapies specifically target the osteoarthritis in the joint, safely relieving pain, improves mobility, and helping patients get back to their daily activities. Hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the foot joint to restore the cushioning and lubricating properties of the joint  fluid, extending the life of your natural joint. Administered right in our office under ULTRASOUND GUIDANCE, the whole procedure only takes a few minutes.

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